how-to make hanging rainbow decorations (kid-friendly)

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A few weeks before she turned 3, our daughter asked to have a rainbow-themed birthday party. My partner and I thought for awhile about how we could transform our space into a rainbow-filled party room.

Lots of rainbows. Hanging rainbows. Not hanging too low or too delicately. But color. And inexpensively. And quickly. Hmmm.

This is what we came up with! It doesn’t take too long, and older children can do this entirely on their own! The only costs involved are the pieces of colored bristol board, some tape, and some string!

HOW-TO make hanging rainbow decorations

I’ve taken these photos using small pieces of paper so it would all fit sweetly into the frame of my camera. You can imagine how it would all look using full-sized bristol boards (which is what I recommend using).

Choose 6 or 7 brightly colored bristol board pieces that together, will give a beautiful rainbow effect.

One of these papers will be your “master”, and use it to draw out the kind of rainbow you would like. The number of rainbow arcs should be the same # as the # of bristol boards you have. So if you have 6 different colors, make 6 different arcs on your master drawing. You should now end up with 6 different complete rainbows!

Then cut around the top of the largest arc on your “master” bristol board, and use this paper as a template to trace the line for the largest arc on all the other pieces of bristol board. Cut them out as well.

Then, cut the first arc out of the “master”. This arc will be the first in a pile of the largest arcs. Use that as a template to trace the lines on all the other bristol boards, and cut them out. Now you have a pile of multi-colored arcs that will be the largest ones in all of the different rainbows you will make.

Now cut out the next arc on the “master”, and again use the rest of the “master” rainbow as a template for the other bristol board pieces.

Continue until all the arcs on all the bristol boards are cut out.

You should end up with 6 or 7 (or however many arcs you drew) piles of rainbow arc pieces!

Now you can take one from each pile and compose your rainbows, and I attached ours together with bits of tape.

We suspended ours from our moulding using string, attached to little pushpins (we don’t put much in our walls as they are 100 year-old plaster).

And that’s all there is to it!

p.s. in a recent post, I showed you how we created her multi-pastel-colored rainbow cupcakes!

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  1. Swaram Says:

    Lovely idea!

  2. Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree Says:

    SO pretty ! I love rainbows! We will have to make one!

  3. A Magical Childhood Says:

    Just discovered your blog via Crafty Crow. How lovely! I'm off to explore. :)