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I know, I know – it’s unfair to put “fudge” in the title and then show you potato painting. But they are both foods, I guess, and we made them on the same day, and they both were incredibly (did I say incredibly?) fun.

So before I tackle the potatoes, I’ll show you the fudge.

It’s raw, devoid of any processed sugar and unbelievable. Oh, and simple. 4 ingredients, 1 bowl, and you keep in the fridge. Perhaps with a teaspoon tucked right on the plate for little nibbles. Or big ones.

Recipe for Amazing Raw Fudge

In a bowl, mix 1/2 cup of virgin coconut oil (ours was already at room temperature as it was a hot day, but you can always warm yours in the oven for a bit if you need to soften it), 1/2 cup of maple syrup (I suppose you might use brown rice syrup or honey if maple syrup is unavailable but I haven’t tried it with either of those) and 1/2 cup of cocoa powder (we use Green and Black’s). And 1 teaspoon of vanilla.

Mix well and pour out onto a dish or plate, keeping it about 1″ thick.

If it lasts you more than a day, I’ll be impressed.

So for the potato stamping, I took 1 potato and cut it into slices, then used the end of my knife to carve some basic shapes.

And then I used my (old, old school) grapefruit spoon, the same one I used growing up, and it was even easier than a knife.

We used non toxic Tempra paints – lovely and thick, and some watercolor paper.

And when she wanted to change colors, I just sliced off a bit and we had a brand new, clean potato surface.

12 Responses to “potatoes & fudge”

  1. Imagination Kids Says:

    The fudge looks amazing! I'll have to give a try. My son has lots of food allergies but all the ingredients are safe for him!

    Your potato painting looks like a lot of fun!!

  2. SewnNatural Says:

    yay, Erin! thanks for stopping by. please do let me know how you like the fudge.

  3. Sunshine Mama Says:

    Oh I am SO making that fudge today! I like that there are no nuts in it. Sometimes, you just want a raw treat without the nuts!

    By the way, I just found your blog a couple days ago and I really like it and just wanted to say hi :)


  4. Linda Says:

    Oh my goodness, you have no idea how excited I am about your raw fudge recipe! We have just recently started our raw food journey and I am off to make this right now!

  5. SewnNatural Says:

    Sunshine Mama – so great to "meet" you:) thank you for your visits, and following along. Please let me know how you like the fudge and how you'd change it, improve it, etc.

  6. SewnNatural Says:

    Thanks, Linda – please let me know how you like it. Raw foods are so interesting and nutritious – I think it's great to include some raw foods in any day's meals – I need to learn so much more about it!

    I think I'm going to ask Suzane who is doing lots of raw food exploration to do a guest post here… and would love to hear more about how your discovery with it is going.

  7. Linda Says:

    Jen, I have just made your fudge and WOW! It is really divine:) Thank you so much, we are going to eat it after dinner tonight as a treat:)
    Suzanne and I are neighbours here in sunny SA, that will be great for her to do a guest post. We chat often about our raw food journeys and share recipes too:)

  8. Plain and Joyful Living Says:

    Wow, I just love that fudge recipe!
    I know my girls will too.
    Oh, it is just amazing what can be done with potatoes. My friend makes most of her prints with potatoes – http://rebasprints.etsy.com
    So much fun.
    Warm wishes, Tonya


    oh my, that fudge is calling my name!!

  10. The Sitting Tree Says:

    I feel obligated to comment on your potato painting, which is adorable by the way, but you've posted a picture of FUDGE…

  11. Sunshine Mama Says:

    I made it this afternoon and Wow! Is this ever good! I also found a few other uses for it, like frosting. I thought this was so good, I wrote a post about it today and linked back to you, of course ;)

    Thanks so much for sharing such a good recipe!


  12. Jayme Says:

    How fun! Looks yummy, too. Thank you for sharing. Here's mine: http://creatinganaturallife.blogspot.com/2010/06/friday-moment_25.html