10 things I love about you book how-to

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For her dad’s recent birthday, a little girl I know put together a little book full of things she loves about him. It was a fabulous craft, just right for a 3 year old, with a little bit of help from mom – I cut the paper, wrote down her words (verbatim) and tied the pages together with embroidery thread.  The rest was hers. And now, his.

We used colored construction paper, cutting 11 similarly-sized rectangles in different colors. Ten for the pages and one cover. Color is quite a big deal in our house these days, so this worked out very well.

After carefully folding them in half (the short way), they were glued together (like a paper sandwich).

We used our new favorite eco kids’ glue by Clementine Art (I just wished it came in larger squeeze bottles).

Next we folded the papers over, and arranged them under a big, heavy book so they wouldn’t curl as they dried.

Once dry, she decorated one side of each rectangle, leaving the other blank. She ordered the pages of the book, decided what would be the cover.

Then it was time for me to inscribe “the list”. I had casually asked her a few days earlier if she could think of ten things she loved about her dad. She stopped and thought for a few minutes and then came out with her favorite reasons. I wrote them down and carefully repeated them back. She was certain. The following day, I asked her again, and she came up with the same reasons.

Once I wrote her “favorite things” on the book pages, we attached the pages together in the upper right hand corner (that’s just how ours worked out) with cotton embroidery thread.

She still pulls it out and re-gifts it to him, now well past his birthday. Offering him something entirely handmade (by her) for his birthday seems to have brought her great joy. And seeing the joy it brought and still brings him only increases her emotions exponentially. Pretty neat.

7 Responses to “10 things I love about you book how-to”

  1. Erin of Imagination Kids Says:

    What a beautiful gift from the heart. I'm sure both her dad and your little one will treasure it for years and years to come.

  2. Eve Says:

    That sweet little chubby kids hand in the last shot just tugged at my heart strings! We used to make books similar to yours…every once in a while I stumble upon one in the bottom of a drawer. I keep meaning to collect everything and put it all in one place, but I kind of like just finding an old card or picture. It is like discovering treasure!

  3. Polar Bear Creations Says:

    That's so cute!
    I had the same thought about the cubby little hand…. It has been a while since I had little hands like that around here.

  4. momma rae Says:

    so sweet!

  5. BirchLeaf Designs - Wendy and Mojo Says:

    What a great little book!

  6. SewnNatural Says:

    Thanks everyone, for your feedback and for taking the time to visit. I appreciate it!

  7. SewnNatural Says:

    Eve – that sounds wonderful. I love finding bits of old memories here and there. It's going to fast – I think my daughter grows as I watch her sometimes. I wish we could just slow it right down.