make a watercolor lantern

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With autumn fast approaching, we decided to prepare a beautiful watercolor paper-wrapped glass jar lantern to shed some warm light on our family suppers. As the season progresses, some of these dinners will be had in our new back room, full of windows, when it’s dark outside. This is a beautiful art activity for a wee one.

First she painted a watercolor, trying to fill up most of the white space.

Here’s the finished painting. This was 8 1/2 x 11 sized watercolor paper. We left the painting to dry,

Next, using a brush, we covered it in oil (we used olive as that’s all we had around) until it was saturated. We left that to dry too.

Then we put a candle at the bottom of a big Mason jar, and measured the bottom of the jar,

We wanted to make a series of cuts that were approximately as wide as the jar and as high.

Here’s what we did.

Then we folded the bottom in like a fan, layering some glue in between the layers, and glued along the overlapping side, securing the whole lantern with a few rubber bands for drying.

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  1. Kimberly Says:

    This is a fantastic idea!