Seed pod babies (little kids’ craft idea)

Friday, December 3, 2010 – Filed under: arts and crafts ::

In the midst of trying to clean up my various work places around the house this week (the 1800s era old oak square table in the corner of the living/creating place downstairs, the little sewing machine table upstairs, with lots and lots of supplies stashed underneath, and our craft pantry, which is essentially the bottom steps of an old nanny/servant staircase that we closed off, leading off the kitchen)… I found a few things that just seemed to go so well together.

Some  very little wooden peg dolls we were going to do something with a long time ago. Some tiny little, sweet acorn caps I deemed too small to make into felted acorns. And some lovely milkweed pods I had used to make these rainbow felted decorations for the shop.

And with little babies on the brain around here (and one very extremely anxious  big sister), we decided to make some little seed pod babies.

First my daughter chose some wool, some seed pods, and picked through the acorn caps to find ones that fit on the peg dolls.

Then we hot glued their hats to their heads, tipping them a bit so their “faces” could peek out.

Then she used the wool roving, and carefully (and tightly) wrapped the wool around the dolls’ bodies. Next she used bits of carded wool to make little beds inside the seed pods.

Finally, we hot glued the carded wool to the pod, and the peg dolls to the wool.

And we had a big family.

Some of the other wooden peg dolls were quickly put into action to be the parents, siblings and even ancestors of the little babies. Because it really does take a whole village.

Have a wonderful weekend! See you back here on Monday.

19 Responses to “Seed pod babies (little kids’ craft idea)”

  1. Luisa @ Dance in my garden Says:

    Hello Jen,
    I have featured one of your lovely dresses on my latest post;

    love this little activity!

  2. Linda Says:

    How lovely Jen!

  3. eidolons Says:

    Where does everyone find these lovely seed pods? The only milkweed we have around here is the garden kind that spawns teeny pods. Maybe Florida is just not the place to be for neat pods. :/

  4. Luisa Says:

    Oh these are so sweet. I can't wait to show this picture to my kids.
    I'm going to link this post to my Monday list.
    Have a good weekend!

  5. Wabi-Sabi Wanderings Says:

    They are enchanting! And those acorn caps are phenomenal — not at all like the ones we have.


  6. Melissa Plank Says:

    love, love, love these! so did the little peanut sitting on my lap!

  7. sheepish Says:

    Very sweet!

  8. anna Says:

    These are so sweet! ANd it's so interesting to see seedpod babies from around the world! I made some recently too but the kinds of pods I have access to are different. Yours are just beautiful!

  9. Jen from SewnNatural Says:

    Thank you sooo much Luisa! I loved your picks! Flattered you chose one of our dresses.

  10. Jen from SewnNatural Says:

    Eidolons – I wonder if some kind of fruit pod might work, rather than milkweed pods.

  11. earthboysblog Says:

    They are so beautiful, a wonderful craft for the little ones.

  12. Maryam Says:

    Ha! It does take a village—love the ancestors bit :)

  13. Kelli Says:

    Beautiful! Where do you find your wool roving? I haven't had very good luck finding pretty colors and useful amounts in the packaging. Thanks for your help!

  14. Rosina Says:

    What a sweet project :) I'm going to have find some seed pods like that so we can make some! Thanks for sharing :)

  15. Jen from SewnNatural Says:

    Thank you for your feedback, Rosina, and for stopping by the blog!

    Kelli – I'd love to help you out – I could put together a little package of small pieces of roving for this project in colors you chose – if you paid for packaging + shipping I could send it off to you. You can perhaps email me through the shop, SewnNatural, on etsy, and we can set it up!

  16. Beth Says:

    I think this is a beautiful, sweet craft! I love your pictures and your daughter's little hands. love, Beth
    May I please borrow a photo or two and link to your craft from Acorn Pies?

  17. Jen from SewnNatural Says:

    of course, Beth! thanks so much!

  18. Sue Says:

    Jen, I love the seed pods and adorable babies…especially the wool roving…and your daughter…I'm just loving the entire post. Very sweet and creative. =)