frame it with style (how-to)

Friday, January 14, 2011 – Filed under: kids craft,tutorials ::

Photographs are starting to mean a lot to the almost-4-year old I spend my days with. So we thought it might be a lot of fun for her to be able to personalize a frame for one of her photos.  As usual, it would need to be a very non toxic, eco friendly craft – something kid friendly at her level.

We found a solid wood, simple and very inexpensive wood frame at a local crafts store, one that didn’t come with glass.

Then we took out her favorite Tempra paint colors – neon pink, yellow, green and blue. And orange. After a little encouragement to think about a pattern or design or plan… this is what she came up with. A little pop art-ish, I think.

I think she felt immensely satisfied to have made “her own” version of an adult piece she’s really started to notice around the house. One all of her own.

We’re going to cover it with SafeCoat’s Polyuroseal (our favorite super non toxic version of polyurothane) just for longevity and to keep the paint from chipping off as it gets admired in the years to come.

2 Responses to “frame it with style (how-to)”

  1. Melissa Plank Says:

    What a wonderful project, thanks for the tip about the safer polyurethane clear coat, I am going to look into that!