i heart you (kids’ art tutorial)

Monday, February 14, 2011 – Filed under: crafts with kids,eco friendly,hearts,valentines day ::

 Unbleached coffee filters are the most wonderful arts supplies, and they are in abundance around here ever since the coffee drinker in this house (my Mister Mister) switched to a French coffee press and freshly ground organic coffee beans.

And hearts, well, who doesn’t love a few hearts? Especially on Valentine’s Day!

Here is how we made them.

First we used unbleached coffee filters, and drew hearts (well, half hearts) along one of the folded edges.

Then we cut out the heart shape, and folded the heart in at least half, or more. While still folded, my daughter cut in small shapes along the (folded) edge of the heart.

When she unfolded them, we had hearts with little cut-outs in them.

Here they are on our very favorite dining room table cloth.

Then it was time to paint. Using her watercolors, she painted the coffee filter hearts in different colors.

And then we let them dry (being coffee filters, it didn’t take them more than about an hour or so).

Then we hung them up on a sweet little (too frequently neglected) window near our stairs, so we see them every time we go up, or down. They add a sweet little smile to our faces.

4 Responses to “i heart you (kids’ art tutorial)”

  1. Alessandra @ Tribal Times Says:

    Such a lovely little craft for Valentine's day! Glad you are doing well!

  2. Baby By The Sea Says:

    What a great idea! Thanks for sharing. Your window looks lovely with all those earth-colored hearts.

  3. Jenna Says:

    so fun and sweet. they look a little like tissue paper, delicate yet strong bright colors. my daughter is too young for the scissors yet, but i cut out some hearts and she helped by placing the glued hears where she pleased. i'm sure your daughter will remember these kinds of days with you for a long, long time :)

  4. arianne Says:

    What a lovely idea. I'd love to try this with the kiddos. Your blog is lovely. Glad I stopped by.