spring rainbow craft (kids friendly tutorial)

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In a not-so-subtle request for spring sun and summer rainbows… we decided to make one of our own. That, and the bag of tiny bits of colored tissue papers from the last few years seemed to be calling our names. Ends of birthday wrapping, bits of tissue paper from parcels…. we seemed to have just the right colors.

She started with our set of incredibly useful super-small stainless steel bowls from Lee Valley (they have the most fabulous things).  These bowls, while perfect for sorting tissue paper buds, are also perfect for just-the-right amount of ice cream, food prep and kids’ sized homemade chocolate pudding.

My 4 year old cut a piece of cardboard paper, and put glue around the outside edge, choosing pink to the first color (of course).

After all the time it took to make tiny balls with the tissue paper, glueing was most fun, I think.

And there were some sweet minutes to make Waldorf doll heads in between taking these photos. Very sweet, indeed. Wishing you some sweet minutes, and many rainbows today.

2 Responses to “spring rainbow craft (kids friendly tutorial)”

  1. Plain and Joyful Living Says:

    Hi Jen,
    I like this simple project for little hands and a nice idea to add a spring touch.
    Thinking of you,

  2. no spring chicken Says:

    I remember this. When I was in kindergarten we covered rainbows with tissue paper squares. You wrapped the squares around the eraser end of your pencil, then dipped it in paste and pressed the pencil to the construction paper. I remember the teacher coming around to each child and scooping out a blop of paste for each student. Funny, I just got a whiff of it. Memorable stuff. Thanks for the flash back!