make a 3D spring flower garden (kid-friendly craft)

Right now, my daughter is all about thinking and building in 3D. There’s a fabulous clay studio in Ottawa she goes to once a week, and shapes away, and spends lots of the rest of the time making paper sculptures, and combining wooden blocks and paper… and I guess I feel really fortunate to be able to travel on this ride with her.

Her grandma (and my shop partner) came up with a sweet little idea for a 3D spring craft – building a garden. First she started with a small box. She painted the top green, and used green construction paper glued along the other sides.

Then out came the wooden popsicle sticks, and she painted these green too – for stems.

Next she used various colors of construction paper to cut out flower tops and shapes.

And then Grandma used a pair of scissors to make holes across the top of the box so that the sticks could be arranged in whatever placement was preferred. No glue necessary!! Yay!

She added a little green tent in the middle for the lucky garden inhabitants. Perhaps an elf, or a fairy, or a sweet little insect. It sat for awhile in the light of the sun in our back room, and has now found a comfy home on the (getting-awfully-crowded) spring nature table.

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4 Responses to “make a 3D spring flower garden (kid-friendly craft)”

  1. Deborah Says:

    This is a wonderful activity to do!

  2. abbie Says:

    What a fun project. Great scissor practice too for little ones.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. LittlePeopleLearn Says:

    SUPER! I would like to use this idea with my kids and link your brilliant idea on my page.

  4. Km Says:

    This is delightful!!!!