make spring egg carton flowers

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A few weeks back, we noticed this stunningly beautiful flower craft here and ended up with a different, sweet version of our own. There’s such beauty in watching the wonder and fantasy of a child as they go about making an idea their own. I now see that as one of my primary roles and goals as a parent – helping my children learn not by rote but with their own imaginations.  Instead of teaching them a set of discrete, defined, repeatable tasks, my job is to foster the space, love and conditions for her own ideas to take flight. I’m still working on it. Every day.

We started by cutting up a cardboard egg box, leaving many of the single egg cups as is, but cutting others in flower shapes.

Then, using paint (real Tempra paint as the watercolors just didn’t seem vibrant enough), my daughter painted them in her favorite neon colors.  Layering paint, especially on the edges and inside.

Then, using a large circular piece of cardboard, she painted the background and then decided to add some free form birds – a mama and a baby (of course).

Using hot glue, she arranged the flowers around the cardboard, and we used my biggest needle to poke a hole and attach some hemp string for hanging.
Now her art is hanging on our sapphire-blue painted 100 year old wooden front door where it seems to be telling spring to “hurry up just a little bit” (this baby really needs to come out! :)

4 Responses to “make spring egg carton flowers”

  1. Becca Says:

    So bright and beautiful!

  2. woolies Says:

    She must have had so much fun!! :)

  3. PurePixie Says:

    This is so pretty and joyful!
    I bet that she (and you) must be pretty impatient to meet the little one!

  4. Shandra Lenae Says:

    Love it! The colors are awesome! I’m going to be babysitting for a good friend soon and I’ll have to do this with her boys for a Mother’s Day Gift.