dinosaur eggs (young kid-friendly craft)

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Our first papier mache craft together was so much fun. The little one is very interested in dinosaurs these days, so we decided to make some big dinosaur eggs.

We started with a ballooon (hot pink, of course), and some cut up newspaper. Luckily, the Globe and Mail newspaper (which we have delivered, old school style to our door every morning), now uses much more eco friendly inks. Yay!

Then we mixed up our papier mache mix. The first time (what you see here for the first layer of the dinosaur egg), we used whole wheat flour as that’s all I had around. It gave the paper a very interesting, grainy texture :)

She worked to cover the balloon with her wet stripes of whole-wheat-laden newsprint.

After we let it dry, sitting inside our largest measuring cup to hold the excess goop drips, it was hard and very egg-like! We then went through the process again to make it extra strong, giving it a 2nd and even 3rd layer of newsprint.

When that was all dry, she used her watercolor paints to give it a little color.

And then she popped the balloon, leaving the little hole where the balloon had been tied before. For her, the place where the dinosaur baby inside was starting to hatch.

Some more paint, some more imagining.

And a little needle felted purple dinosaur baby was quickly created to complete the project.

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