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There we are, the 4 of us. A little rock family made for her dad’s birthday.

First she collected some pebbles (the smallest one she could find that she thought could still hold the 2 googly eyes), and painted them up.

And then we hot glued the eyes on, and hot glued the rock people to their home on the wooden plaque.

And then our packages were (extra) specially wrapped.

And our chocolate beet cake received its final decorations.

And just like that we celebrated the first birthday in this family – as a family of 4. It felt so right. Like it’s always been like this. I cannot even really remember when we were just 3, nevermind 2. This is truly the stuff of life.

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  2. Nat Says:

    Ah, that’s so cute, I might have to make a little rock family of my own :)