sweet salt dough (kids craft)

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Oh, I covet a kiln. I’ve coveted a kiln for so many years. And I think it’s contagious, because now my sweet little (big) girl covets one too. I spent most of my spare time for many years in a pottery studio, and now one of my (not so secret) delights is taking my daughter to her pottery sort-of-open-studio class where we muck around with clay. Again. Sooo lovely.

Well to make a rather long-winded story a bit shorter – we don’t have the chance to go to that pottery class in the summer. And we also don’t have a kiln.

So we made some salt dough.

We used 1 cup of salt, dissolving it in about 1.5 cups of water. Then, slowly, we stirred in about 3 cups flour.

Salt dough pie is especially delightful.

We cooked it at about 250F until it was hard (took longer than I thought) and then she used her favorite neon paints on them.

Whenever she gets out those paints I always think of the jelly shoes and rubbery neon bracelets I had in those colors in the 80s.

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  1. Eliz. K Says:

    I was offered a pottery wheel almost ten years ago, and I didn’t take it because I was getting ready to leave for college, and I figured I’d need a kiln to go with it (if you give a girl a wheel, she’ll need…). Clay is a wonderful thing! Great projects!