handmade {by kids} gift: needle felted journal & leaf card

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As the holidays creep up on us and we all ponder gifts to give and make, I thought I would share this gift my daughter made for a friend recently, for her birthday. It would work wonderfully well as a holiday gift too, and is a great project for a beginning needle-felter.

It was her first complicated needle-felting project, and I could see in her eyes the deep satisfaction she felt when she had finished it, and packed it in a little bag to give to her friend. The birthday party was cancelled, in the end, as her friend came down with chicken pox. But as fate would have it, her little package was ready (early) at the door, and we whisked it off to drop in their mailbox as a surprise. A little bit of sunshine amidst the scratching.

It was her idea to give her art-loving friend something practical, but also handmade.

So we got a smaller sized drawing paper notebook at a sale at Michael’s (where such books are often 2 for 1) and cut a piece of wool felt to fit the top.

Then she needle felted a design on top (this one had birds in trees and flowers on the ground).

Once she was done, we used the hot glue gun to attach the wool felt to the top cover of the notebook.

With a little note personalizing the book inside the cover, she was all done!

To go with the present, she made an autumn leaf card. Choosing two pretty little leaves, she folded some drawing paper in half, then in half again.

She used lots of layers of Modge Podge to adhere the leaves to the paper. I’m sure there is another way to do this – that would produce a flatter result – any ideas?

It feels wonderful to help cultivate the joy of making, and giving handmade, in my daughter (something I look forward to doing with my son, too).

Have a great week!

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    Truly beautiful!!