corsets, spring and ukeleles

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We hear the birdies tweeting more intensely and notice some returning earlier than usual to these (normally very chilly, snow-laden) parts of Eastern Ontario. Especially the man-cub, who seems to truly adore birds. We can’t seem to help but ache for spring, and around here we’ve taken to calling the current (very strange) season “sprinter“.  And at least one of us is wearing neon yellow. Every day. I hope it helps speed things up.

And we’re knee deep in everything French, especially Versailles and 18th century food… and fashion. It made for a particularly interesting moment this week. At the end of her ukelele lesson, my little one took her feet off her wooden footstool to tuck back into her winter boots. As she did, she looked up, sighed, and said “Mama, my winter boots feel like corsets around my feet.”

Silence. Her guitar teacher looked over a me. Bowled over.

“Uh, uh, we’re actually studying historical fashion right now.” :)

Speaking of ukelele, Tonya of Natural Earth Farm’s son, Nolan, recently opened up his own Etsy shop with handmade woodworking. He made us a beautiful pine ukelele wall stand, and the little pink instrument now has a safe (and beautiful) home on the wall. He has the loveliest wooden buttons, too.

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  1. Plain and Joyful Living Says:

    Thank you so much for mentioning Nolan’s holder.
    He is working hard to build his own little business.
    I like your daughter’s “pink” ukelele.
    Warm wishes,