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This morning there is snow falling. A thin but solid little blanket of white snow has blanketed our Ottawa neighborhood this morning of April 23rd and I think, for once, it’s a wonderful thing we are a tad disorganized and late and haven’t managed to take the winter tires off the car yet. Ha!

There has been heavy rain, and blistering sun and strong 90 km/hour winds all in the last week or so here – it has all been rather mixed up and unexpected. Rather like watching our man-cub approach his impending first birthday. Just when we are sure he will walk, as he has been standing for months and even jumping and shuffling a wee bit, we notice that he has decided to shift away – to decidedly crawl for awhile longer, at least. That he could do it but isn’t quite ready. Watching him discover this strange world of ours, especially outside where the trees and the birds are marvelous and awe-inspiring.

And there has been so much discovery inside ourselves too, about patience and healing and finding our way as a family. About watching another person uncurl and unfold and how ever so gently we need to support that and give it space to happen. About the power and depth of love siblings can have – stronger than any bond I have ever witnessed.

All of this has discovery has made me feel more grounded than ever before. Amid the rain, the snow and the hot sun feeding the delicate flowers, there is a strength and a solidity to living these days that is new and different. And ever so wonderful.


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