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Do you ever feel like there’s just too much paper around?

We’ve been dreaming of display-type  bookshelves for a few years now, ever since we had our first little reader and realized how much better it would be to actually see the book covers. And to allow her to choose, selecting from Mama and Daddy-edited shelves.  The ability to rotate, curate, and make themes. Inspired by the wonderful library display bookshelves in our own neighborhood branch. After years of having piles of books, in piles, we decided we were going to do something about that. Ah, the “something about that”. Then we (very surprisingly) became pregnant and … fast forward to now. When the bookshelves finally made it onto The Short Short List.

With help from his father-in-law and somewhat extremely keen daughter, my partner put this little one together in a few hours. With some sustainable pine, though I think our next one two will be walnut.

We made a few fixes adaptations, especially adding a rear dowel on all the shelves as our 100 year old mouldings on the walls mean the shelf sits back from the wall just enough to let books fall out the back (if we didn’t have the dowelling there).

Now we have a wonderful place to see our books.

And, speaking of paper, last weekend we were delighted to have our little organic toys and kids’ accessories written up in our local Ottawa Citizen newspaper. It has helped us connect with even more local customers, who can always pick up their orders from one of our homes here in Ottawa, rather than pay to have it shipped. This helps us support “shop local” even though we are currently selling online. So neat. And to see our work in the paper? A huge, tummy-tickling  thrill.

(photo at the top via Flick here)

Hope you are having a lovely weekend, and see you back here with that retro feather hat tutorial I promised last week.

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  1. Ren Lady Of The Arts Says:

    looks beautiful- I’ve seen these made using just a rod in the front as well- Yours turned out perfectly