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When the little man-cub was about 7 or 8 months old, we thought (that’s my daughter and I) that we saw signs and heard sounds to indicate that he liked yellow. We did tests with multicolored wood blocks. Pages in his favorite board books. I suppose we’ll have awhile to wait to see if our little color adventures were in the right direction, but suffice it to say we felt we had enough to go on to decided, at least for now, that yellow is his favorite color. So we planned his first birthday party around it. Naturally. :)

Yellow balloons, tissue paper poufs, a yellow bunting for the picnic table… and a neon yellow dress for the big sister. Neon yellow has been a new favorite around here (started in Paris last winter). And since sleep has been, well, a little too short (still) to make me feel at all human most days, we elicited Grandma’s help in making a birthday dress.

My daughter chose the pattern, an old 1960s-era scooter dress & blouse we found on Etsy.

What a fabulous design – both the dress and the blouse are stand-alones, but together they are simply beautiful, I think. We chose a Cloud 9 organic cotton piece we had saved up in our stash for the blouse, and a stunning bright neon yellow cotton for the dress, lined in organic cotton voile.

We lengthened the sleeves on the blouse and made it V-neck for comfort – and comfortable it is. It stayed on long after the dress had decidely had too much party – and chocolate, tomato sauce and grass stains to inaugurate its welcome.

We have more of this fabulous true neon yellow fabric. What kind of dress should we make for our shop with it, do you think?

It was a wonderfully special dress, for a very special day. For a girl who couldn’t be a prouder big sister, of that I’m certain.

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