a (very) first doll

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She made this for her little brother. For her first multi-step sewing project she chose a piece of vintage turquoise cotton (since pink is, well, so very yesterday around here now).

She drew a simple pattern shape, cut it out and then we traced it onto the blue cotton. Then we turned over the pattern piece and traced it again.

Next she sewed the face on the front of one of the pieces – I great opportunity to teach her how to french knot.

Then we put the “good” sides face to face and pinned the doll pieces together.

Then, using an embroidery needle and embroidered thread that was doubled and knotted at the end, she sewed stitches around the pencil line. This process easily took a few different days, as she worked on one part at a time.

Next she cut around the excess fabric and made little cuts/slits around the curvy sections to help the shape of the doll be clear once she turned it inside out.

Once it was stuffed with wool, we began to sew it shut (with a regular needle and thread), closing the section that was left open with the intial sewing to allow it to be turned inside out.


And then this doll, her first doll from start to finish, was huggable, and ready for the felt flower decorations she chose (in neon, of course). For these, I helped cut out some flower shapes (she did the flower centers and felt is not too easy for little fingers to maneuvre around) and she sewed them to the doll in the centre of the flowers.

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