adapting. dolls.

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I’m not surprised I found more time to make some dolls while we were unexpectedly unplugged (see last blog post). It makes perfect, rather annoying sense. I know I’m not alone in trying to figure out how to plug less and do more, and still perhaps find time to blog, and learn about fabulous homeschooling things online, and maintain some connectedness there. Dolls, I suppose, are just the tip of the iceberg. In the days we had no internet I did more gardening, more kid-cuddling, more baking (ahhh, rhubarb), more living. So what next? I’m not entirely sure. In your comments, some of you mentioned the same kinds of struggles/questions. How to balance?

In the meantime, I made a pink organic cuddle doll that has been since sent off to Texas.

And I worked on adapting a few of my doll patterns to make a Waldorf doll puppet. A Mama Earth puppet, some preparatory work for a swap a blog friend will be hosting soon (yay!) I used a felted wool sweater I had, some rainbow hand-dyed wool hair (to give her a sort of hippie mama look), and needle felted a little flower brooch on her chest.

She has a secret place to help make the head move independently of the rest of the puppet, and the top of her torso with her arms is stuffed and strong to help her pick things up and… well… to support her large wool-stuffed head. We might be tired and our memories might not work, but I know us Mamas need to hold our heads up high. :) I’m going to make a few of these puppets for the shop, very soon.

(the fabulous organic heirloom seeds are from Cubits, you can find them here)



3 Responses to “adapting. dolls.”

  1. Marie Says:

    What lovely pictures, cheers Marie

  2. Sunshine Mama Says:

    I love her with the braids, she is so pretty!

  3. Emily Says:

    I love her too! This is one skill/project I want to learn soon! I want my boy to have a nice boy doll. I’m just not in on place long enough to work on it… I love the puppet idea too. I can’t believe I haven’t seen it before. Seems so logical.