DIY drought-resistant flowers

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We had a thunderstorm of sorts, and the water cleansed the air from the fire. The earth lapped it up and begged, I imagine, for more. Maybe another thunderstorm next week, the weather experts say. Until then, I figured we might as well make a bouquet of drought-resistant blooms for our table.

My little one is big enough to take a project and run with it, so to speak, so what I show you here is entirely her own creation, from start to finish. I was limited in what I was allowed to photograph, so you’ll have to fill in the blanks.

She cut up an egg carton and painted the “flowers” different colors. While they dried she painted a toilet paper tube with metallic kids’ paints and glued a piece on the bottom, for a vase.

Since we only use the lead-free stainles steel pipe cleaners you can find here, she wrapped and glued green tissue paper around each one do leavesĀ  + texture. I think that part came out especially beautifully.

Then she poked holes at the botton of each egg carton flower, lifted the pipe clraners through, and glued in tissue paper balls for the “flower parts”.

100% drought-resistant blooms. Guaranteed.


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  1. leigh Says:

    Beautiful creation! I will use this with my girls!

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