Matryoshkas Peg Dolls… peek

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Sometimes the best thing one can do in the midst of piles of laundry and a house that needs tending after a far too many deals of healing and nursing little ones back to their bright-eyed-selves…. is make something. And luckily I had just the excuse, having joined into Margaret‘s little peg doll swap a few weeks ago.

They aren’t finished yet, as I’m making some in various sweet sizes, but here’s a peek at what I’ve been sewing and felting and embroidering the last day or so. In the midst of making broth, and soaking in the sun, and nibbling away at the laundry piles. I adore matryoshkas, and am so inspired by the nesting dolls that I thought I’d try to make a peg doll version. With wool and wood and bits of floss.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
I have lots of posts on healing-related things I’m excited to share next week.

4 Responses to “Matryoshkas Peg Dolls… peek”

  1. Amanda Says:

    tee hee! how cute! Are they coming my way?!!!! huh? huh?

  2. Jen Says:

    oui oui, yes, yes, just as soon as i finish the wee-est ones

  3. Amanda Says:

    hurrah! clap clap. I posted yours last week both on my blog and in the mail. You have to guess which one is yours.

  4. Bridgit's Bell Says:

    Sweet peg dolls!

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