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This winter is still (apparently, according to the calendar) newly arrived, but already Ottawa is into double digit snowfalls and a kind of deep freeze that makes the old house crack.

A wonderful excuse to stay home and cuddle and cook!

And in between, there’s lots of sledding and examining all the many different types of beautiful snow. And huge snow forts, of course.



Truly, this year, I have a couple of snow children. Sibylle von Olfers’ book is part of our circle time right now, and we put together some glittery, shimmering white (with a hint of pink) felt-capped snow children peg dolls to help out. We don’t sell any of these in our shop, but you can find some beautiful ones that even fit into a Waldorf birthday ring in case you would like to add some to your own home. Mama Westwind makes these lovely hooded sweet peg dolls and sells them individually.


And a few, larger needle felted figures for the Snow Princess and the beloved Poppy.




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  1. Becca Says:

    Your dolls came out very cute! They look just like mine.


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