The Stuff of Sleep

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Awhile back my son was looking through on of our Spanish board books that have great, realistic pictures of everyday objects. And there, on page 3 of the house stuff, was a bed-sized pillow covered in animals.

Now for some 2 year old boys it might be keep walking by a large, noisy excavator on the street corner without taking a long pause to watch. For others it might be challenging to keep up with toy cars or trains or fairy wands or kitchen play food.

In this house it’s ALL about animals, all the time. I should have known when his first word was “CAW”. Followed by “duck”.

A few weeks after he first noticed the animal pillow cover, he started sprinkling it into everyday conversation. It became a firm request.

Luckily, Spoonflower has a whole slew of beautiful animal fabrics, and it’s pretty straightforward to have them printed on super soft organic cotton sateen fabric (all with water-based inks, yay!)


So now there are chickens and cows and piglets on his (new) very big boy pillow. And in a sea of rather plain off white utilitarian sheets and pillow cases, his looks and is quite special. And that suits my Bear Cub just fine, thank you very much.



3 Responses to “The Stuff of Sleep”

  1. Eliz.K Says:

    Oh sweet! I have a little boy who makes just about every animal sound, as he hasn’t started “really” talking yet. Great fabric! I’m going to have to look that up!

  2. Eliz.K Says:

    I meant to add, that chickens are his favorite, and his “bawk bawk bawk?” Might be mine :-)

  3. jen Says:

    that’s adorable! my son did make animal sounds before talking. a huge change from his sister, whose first word was her own name!

    Spoonflower does have fantastic designs, and being able to choose from among so many, and print exactly how much you need on organic fabric …. pretty special.

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