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During a search for folksy dala horse fabric (one of my many quirky obsessions) I stumbled across dutchdoor – a letterpress design studio. Who’s behind the dutch door (literally, as a dutch door is the door to their studio in San Francisco)? Two friends named Mara Murhpy and Anna Branning, two antique printing presses… and beautiful inspiration full of natural forms, symmetry and vintage flavour.

My favorite are their state prints – letterpress prints on cotton paper combining the state bird and flower. Perfect gifts for bird lovers and naturalists no matter where you are from.  (State prints by dutchdoor from top: Rhode Island, Massachuesetts, Alaska and Wisconsin).)




And they also have letterpress cards, screenprinted towels and gorgeous fabric (yes, with dala horses).




2 Responses to “Letterpress State Prints”

  1. Tonya Says:

    These are beautiful Jen – thanks for sharing and I like your branch holders.

  2. Jen Says:

    They are pretty, aren’t they? I also loved that they styled the photos with branch holders.

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