a fabulous hat

Tuesday, September 14, 2010 – Filed under: art,art hop,Burlington,crafts with kids,hats,jenny's hat ::

This past weekend we stayed at our favorite 200 year old bed and breakfast in Williston, and popped into Burlington, Vermont to see what was happening. An Art Hop was happening… what fortuitous timing for us.

South Burlington was alive with art – seeing it, making it, touching it, sharing it. We found a fabulous rock band in a back alley and it was our three year old who kept wanting to stay. We were told that that band was really “representing”.

The next morning we came back to a kids’ art hop – held under giant tents outside. This would have blown my mind as a kid: tables and tables of DIY guided kids’ crafts with legions of helpful staff. An incredibly positive experience for the children, and parents, who attended.  Another addition to the (very long) list of why we love going to Vermont.

One of the crafts was particularly ingenious.

We took a large brown paper bag that had been rolled at the bottom and painted. Vegetable stamping would be a great way to decorate the bag.

Then we scrunched it and roughed it up to give it texture and “body”.

Then it was time to decorate.

Stickers, curled ribbons, and plenty of little flowers poked in through the top. And a fabulous big polka dot ribbon bowed at the back.

Jenny’s Hat is a favorite book around our home – one I read and loved as a child too (largely due, probably, to the name :) This craft would be beautiful to do in conjunction with reading that book.

And I saw the loveliest booth display!