right now

Wednesday, March 23, 2011 – Filed under: bread making,journal,ottawa,spring,windowsill garden ::

These early spring days in Ottawa are delightful.

Right now, we see the warming grass breaking through the last bits of ice.

The first bits of green.

Raincoats and wind jackets instead of woolens.

Little icebergs breaking off from the Ottawa River ice, charging through the chilly waters.

We just can’t seem to wait to grow things outside, so we started a little windowsill garden.

And made a gear box with a cracker box, shish-kebab stick, some potato pieces and toothpicks.

And baked some delicious Sally Lunn (for all intents and purposes, a challah) bread.

And made our own rainbows with the fabulous Stockmar window wax crayons… and some recycled ones of our own in the tiniest little muffin cups I’ve ever seen.

And delighted in the warming sun.

And the growing boy.