in the studio:: Halloween costumes

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Last year I looked through the pile of felted wool sweaters I’d collected. Sweaters that had somehow grown too big, or too small. Or ones extended family passed our way, figuring I’d find a way to do something with them.

After some brainstorming with my creative partner in this house, my little daughter, we came up with a red fox costume. She loved the idea of having a comfy sweater-type dress to wear, something that would easily slip over other clothes.  I liked that it could fit many body types, and work on girls of various ages. And that it was upcycling something old and not very beautiful anymore into a sweet Halloween outfit. Actually, a fabulous dress-up costume for anytime. And I liked that it was all-natural, made with wool, some cotton fabrics we had around – no polyester, no vinyl, no strange surfectants and plastics as found in far too many Halloween get-ups.

The costume sold, but I saved the other sleeve to make a stand-alone tail and another fox ears headband. We have another sweater we’re itching to make into a new fox costume. If only this little mancub in our family would give us a bit of time.

In the little bits of time we’ve carved out for crafting, we’ve come up with a few other upcycled animal Halloween costume dresses.

A green frog, needle felted and sewn into a lovely dress with frog feet in wool felt. And a frog ears headband, covered in wool for comfort and color. This one would fit a little girl who wears a size 3/4 (it would be a bit longer) to 6/7 probably.

A red devil. With a long black forked tail, stuffed with wool.

With a bluebird, and possibly a brown bear, on the way. They are all available in our shop here.

handmade Halloween: of ladybugs and chestnut spiders

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To wear: a handmade ladybug costume that I wished came in an adult size. Well, I guess since my mom made it – it could :) Maybe next year!

To set the mood: a fabulous “mystery lady” and her black crow, and a handmade spider my Mister made, using a chesnut, toothpicks and some soft yarn.

Tonight we’re going to tackle some fluttering white ghosts to hang in our trees, using leftover white fabric, and wool… and a giant web, sewing string to a giant black poster board.

How are your Halloween preparations going?