fingerpainted flowers (kids craft)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011 – Filed under: art,flowers,kid friendly,kids crafts,kids friendly ::

Inspired by the beautiful blooms in our little gardens (hello bleeding hearts, iris, astilbe, peony, phlox)…. my little one used some Tempra paint on her fingertips to make some beautiful flowers of her own.

First she used watercolor paper (we cut these into pieces as the scale of the craft is quite small – you know, those 4 year old fingertips :) Then she used wax green crayons to draw her stems.

Then, using her favorite neon colored Tempra paints, she made her blossoms!

What’s coming up in your garden?

(in the studio) hope springs… an embroidered pillow

Thursday, March 31, 2011 – Filed under: decor,embroidery,flowers,hope,pillows,SewnNatural,swap ::

When I found out the favorite colors of my swap partner for an exchange I’m doing on one of the Etsy teams we’re part of… aqua, turquoise, chartreuse and gray…. I decided to put together a pillow sham in the style of the hope embroidery series I’ve been using on organic messenger bags for kids for the past few years.

7 flowers representing the 7 generations that the Iroquois Confederacy famously argued we ought to consider in any deliberation. May the world of my great-great-great-great-great-great grand daughter (and soon to be son) be a beautiful one. My vision of hope and interconnectedness.

With flowers cut from midcentury modern fabric scraps I’ve saved, bits of vintage lace, a wooden button, and a raw silk cocoon (leftover from the silkmaking process). And long, long stems.

For a limited time, we’re going to offer custom orders of these pillow shams in our shop – 18″ hand embroidered hope pillow shams in customers’ favorite colors and fabrics.

Since I won’t be making the organic kids’ messenger bags anymore, I’m thrilled to move on with my very favorite design and use it to create something new.
Wishing you a beautifully creative day.

stalwarts of autumn

Saturday, November 13, 2010 – Filed under: autumn,flowers,nature,seasons ::

When we were in Montreal this week, we headed over to the grounds of the Botanical Gardens and the Insectarium, and enjoyed some more autumn beauty. With the snow soon to come around here, it was such a joy to see the last hold-outs.

teeny tiny … woodland

Tuesday, September 7, 2010 – Filed under: flowers,forest,miniature,natural,nature,photography,woods ::

Maybe I’m feeling extra introspective. Maybe it’s the small but wondrous changes in season that are prompting me to look down, and inwards.

Here’s what I’ve been noticing.

Isn’t this the most magnificent shade of purple?

Oh, beautiful bark.

impromptu flower petals crown

Monday, August 2, 2010 – Filed under: flowers,gardening,how-to,kids,natural,summer,tutorials ::

My tutorial about how to make a sweet flower petals crown is over at Progressive Pioneer today. If you haven’t already found her beautiful blog, I highly recommend it – love her definition of what a progressive pioneer is here.

The day we made this the sun streamed in from the kitchen window and made the petals glow. Here are some photos from the day.

bloomin’ heat

Thursday, July 15, 2010 – Filed under: blooms,city,flowers,gardening,perennials,urban ::

That is, the heat is spurring on some absolutely gorgeous blooms.

These snapshots are from our very tiny but increasingly lush urban frontyard. Our (almsot) 100 year-old house used to have a huge lot of garden (and horse stall) next door, but this was subdivided a few years before we moved in to make an infill. With the price of land in the city now, I understand the rationale. And it makes me love our little urban front yard even more.

How do you have a birthday party for a house?

May flowers {part of a worldwide blogging celebration}

Today’s post is part of the Illuminated Perfume May Flowers blog project. I was thrilled when natural perfumer and artist Roxana Villa invited me to contribute a May flower post to her collection of magical, beautiful, creative and inspiring musings from around the world. Each day this month, her blog has featured a different artist and participant.

May flowers hold a very special place in the deepest part of my heart, the part reserved for becoming a mother. It was during May, three years ago, that I first watched my daughter learn about the world and its beauty. She was a few months old, and after intentionally hibernating indoors for much of February, March and April, by May we were exploring the explosion of spring in Ottawa.

The tulip festival in Ottawa, the largest of its kind in the world, lasts for much of May, and I remember spending many days wandering among the vast expanses of tulips, carrying her in a sling or watching her sweet face, so full of sweet expression, as her father carried her through the flowers.

Though the tulip is the world’s most planted flower, it is celebrated as a thing of delicate beauty here, where vast gardens thick with blossoms look like parts of a giant rainbow.

As I watched my now-three-year old daughter examine the delicately scalloped edges of blood red tulip petals, I thought about how magical it would be to have a huge field of tulips that were just a tad shorter than I. That’s how it must feel to be a small child at the tulip festival.

My tulip-loving daughter inspires my vision of hope and interconnectedness. One of the pieces I most enjoy making in our shop is an organic messenger bag for little kids, hand appliqued and embroidered with flowers.

There are 7 flowers representing the 7 generations that the Iroquois Confederacy famously argued we ought to consider in any deliberation.

May the world of my great-great-great-great-great-great grand daughter – and yours – be a beautiful one.