Farm Work, Hand Work

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Over the last few months my eldest has been immersed in all things farm-related – not an easy challenge when you live in the middle of the city. But folks are super keen to help make it happen, and she and her friends have been super keen to learn via work.  It’s amazing how people will say yes and open their farms to teach, if you just ask.

Weeding rows of growing plants and shelling the beans that grew out of them are slow, thoughtful jobs that help to impart the handwork involved in farming. The main focus has been on how yield is much more than the plants grown. It’s about wildlife protection, environmental stewardship, water protection, biodiversity and seed preservation, nourishing the soil, working with weeds rather than using toxic chemicals, topsoil creation and thinking of future generations of farmers and members of the community.


She learned about grassfed beef from a 6th generation farmer who is still cultivating the land on a farm which existed before Canada was even a country. About the importance of bat houses to help with natural insect management.  About protecting the waterway that serves as our own Ottawa drinking water downstream. It’s true – we are all downstream from something. We are all truly connected.



Harvesting the last apples from century-old apple trees was pretty sweet too.



Matching Ginghams

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Oh my goodness, matching gingham (and those toes)!  A customer from Vermont sent us these sweet photos when she bought her 2nd picnic blanket today.  Customer feedback is always amazing, but this kind of customer feedback is a real treat. It goes a long way to reaffirming why we do what we do, and why we ethically handcraft these pieces, one at a time.




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This September has been full of the kind of sunny warmth that feels like part of summer. I have quietly hoped it continues as long as possible and that somehow fall forgets to come this year.  We were at the bog yesterday and the lush green (helped by the presence of so many tamaracks) and the very warm sun fed our reservoirs for the cold journey ahead.




Our Farm to Table

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8 hours. Organic apple orchard-picked apples…. to pie.  Preserved apples (in sauce and apple butter) are delicious and our pioneer ancestors ate them all winter too, but there is something extra special about eating them fresh and freshly baked. It’s all about the connection to nature, plants and the seasons and finding the freshest food possible in the moment.  Our bodies thank us for the nutrition, but I think it’s our tastes buds and hearts that thank us the most.



Prepping for New Spring Life

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DSC_0770 (1)

Saw a beautiful new Queen Bumblebee out and about on our cedar with a Mister Drone today. This is a pretty unusual sight, though we often see bumblebee drones and sometimes even the Queens – separately. After this mating she will probably look for a warm underground place to hibernate now, since the first hard frost will do away with the rest of the bumblebees.  Next spring she will look for a place for her new colony, and bumblebee life will be buzzing again. Watching the bees tells us so much about the seasons and cycles of life. They are amazing.

Savoring Summer One Bag At a Time

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A little while ago I made a whole mini-collection of hand embroidered organic bags. Each one features pieces of hand sewn midcentury vintage fabrics, vintage lace, crocheted cotton and an embroidered wooden button. There are 7 flowers on each bag, to represent my hope for the world of my children and their children, 7 generations hence. The flowers are a pretty way to hold onto summer now as we head into a time of pumpkins and apple pie and putting gardens to bed for their winter slumber.




Coming Home

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There were so many things I tried to store away in my memory, and in my heart, forever. This was one. My two children. Nightfall. A full moon reflecting on high tide off a south-facing beach on the rocky coast of Maine.  It was one of those moments when everything that didn’t matter so much melted away.