Clouds, and Sleep, and a Magazine

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I am tickled pink to see our wool-filled cloud pillows on the cover (squeal) of Today’s Parent Magazine! I was sort of stalking (can you sort of stalk?) the local magazine store to see if they actually would make it onto the final photo chosen for the cover of this month’s issue.

They made the white and pink clouds look rather dreamy, I must say. Thank you, Today’s Parent!

Their February issue is all about sleep, which is increasingly rare in this household. Teething, digestion, a genuine intensity for life he must have inherited from his sister… all of these things have combined for nights that are blurring right into days. For weeks at a time. So please excuse the disjointed and irregular postings on the blog. At least I have been down this road (yes, this very road) before, and I know, deep down in the bottom and dark parts of my heart, that this too shall pass. So at least I’m not afraid (as I was the first time ’round), I’m just bone tired.

Really, it’s sort of dreamy around here. A little blurry around the edges. Night into day into night. Just like the pretty clouds I imagined when I designed the wool pillows.


those toes

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Oh this sweet little one. She felt so light in our arms and took a few bonks on the head with the toys “shared” with her by a certain man-cub with lots of patience. She smelled sweetly of new(er) baby and her toes. Oh those toes.

I couldn’t help but take oodles of photos of her, and managed a few on our brand new chevron organic fabric, one of the new designs we have listed as fabric, and ready-made items in our shop. This one is the forest green version – we also had it printed in chocolate brown, and mustard gold.

As we get back to life with just one baby around, I’ll try to keep her smell, her sweetness and the wonder of meeting her close to my heart as these friends live far from here, and it might be years ’til we meet again.

Learning. Careful. Determination.

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This son of mine, he’s a joyful person. Truly, one would never know the discomfort and pain he’s had in the last year and a half (nearly), the doctor’s visits, the frustration at not feeling right. Deep inside, in his gut, where so much of our immune systems, not to mention digestion and toxin elimination (and so much more) is centered.

He’s learning, and we’re learning too, how to keep his gut happier, and his day-to-day life a lot more comfortable.

I’m sure many of you reading this have allergies, candida, eczema and gut trouble in your own families, and know just what I’m talking about.

I’ve wanted to distill the learnings in my mind on this topic for awhile, and here is a quick start:

- Colic just might be something else, and could very well be digestive-related. I asked our midwives to consider having a protocol to advise new parents of a baby treated with antibiotics at birth that they should be on the look-out for candida, possible allergy onset, etc. as a result of the antiobiotics as this is what happened with us and what lots of my research has shown is completely reasonable

- Listening to myself, to ourselves, was even more important than any medical (allopathic or naturopathic) advice we were given. We knew when things worked, and they didn’t. I listened to my own voice to go for prick allergy testing when we did, and I’m ever so glad. Listening to what you already know somewhere inside is hard – it takes quiet, and it takes courage. And then sharing what you have heard in yourself is a whole other story. But it’s critical.

- Lots of eczema is allergy-related. Seriously. His used to cover his body and is now largely gone since we’ve systematically and completely removed all of this known allergies – from his diet and completely from mine.

- Breastfeeding is wonderful for helping to protect little ones and yet another reason to continue as long as possible. It can help avoid asthma, lessen allergies, delay them, strengthen his immune system, and so, so, so much more.

- It’s OK to go against the grain and make up your own solid foods agenda. It’s OK to delay starting solids longer than other people. It’s OK to serve vegetables and meat first and save potentially allergenic (even gluten-free) grains for later. It’s OK (and even extremely helpful and healing) to make bone broths a huge part of a baby’s diet.

- There are great sources of nut-free products. Locally milled organic grains from farmers who don’t use nuts on their mills are perfect examples of thinking outside the box. But it’s important to consider all sources of contamination. For example, lots of organic spices are bottles in factories that may not wet clean between the lines and cross contamination with sesame (one of his allergens) could happen. Other, larger companies (who also have organic lines, like McCormick) have said they do wet clean.

- Shea butter (organic, fair trade) is amazing. Seriously, amazing as an emollient and healer.

- Time heals, and lots of holding and love heals too. And more time.



for a cry, a burp, a wee little slurp

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There’s a new crop of burp cloths in our collection, all made with our very favorite organic cotton flannel on the underside. All of our new burp cloth sets are either organic cotton on top (like the honeycomb above, or the lemon yellow ones below), or beautiful pieces of Marimekko – which are made with hand-mixed, water-based ink.

Lots of burp cloth components come from leftover pieces from quilts. And we do make a lot of quilts (see above – don’t you love that tee shirt? It’s the Animal Nouns one from Xenotees! And the photo… taken by the uber-talented Tracey from Raceytay who also lives in Ottawa).  While we do our best to use a no-waste-cutting technique, we do end up with pieces in odd shapes sometimes. And if it’s big enough for a burp cloth set, that’s what we do with it. Otherwise we use bits and pieces in our duck rattles, and gnome doll toys. And I have a stack of pieces waiting to be turned into Waldorf doll clothes when I (finally) get to making those dolls I’ve been planning for ages.

That’s a set made in organic cotton peacock ombre fabric. Feathers!!

And our favorite of the bunch is this Marimekko cotton in a geometric, triangle (and diamond) print in saturated, neon colors.

This last set is in an organic cotton fabric that reminds me of vanilla ice cream with sprinkles. While we sold out of the quilts a few months ago, we had just enough for a pair of burp cloths.

What have you been up to in the sewing department lately?


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… feet,, that is. Feet that are now standing, and walking and growing too fast but still the target of tons of slobbery kisses and big-sister-zerberts. We took newborn feet photos a year or so ago now, his wrinkly delicate-looking feet sitting on top of his sister’s. I wanted to start a new project: document our kids’ feet differently every yeat. A sort of eclectic collection of feet art.

To start our project, we decided to use paint this year – two shades of green all-purpose kids paint and acid-free  watercolor paper.

I can’t wait to start my little feet art nook in the house. Have you done anything like this? Have any other ideas for other years? I was thinking about outside-feet-in-the-grass photos, ink prints and food-feet things like lining up lima beans next to feet.

And on the subject of sweet (oh, baby toes), lemonade stand season is approaching and I ran across this fabulous + entertaining interview with NYC kids about their ventures in the summer lemonade business. Note to self: let still-learning-to-spell daughter make the sign, apparently it might jumpstart her profts!

(that’s a photo from last summer….)

Wednesday love

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• finding this ultimate list of eco conscious fashion designers (photo, above, by Belgium’s Honest By)

• grounding:: thinking a lot about raising a young woman to love her body and thinking about how I love my own body, and lovin’ butter (I need to do a whole post on it, but for now this)

this fantastic architectural wooden house toy

• automated sweetness: my little son, newly standing on his own (weight lifter stance!) and newly shaking his little musical instruments…. with both arms! he can’t shake the shaker without shaking the other hand… and my not-so-little-anymore daughter, taking it upon herself to feed her brother his rutabaga and grassfed beef, opening her mouth each time she gives him a bite… oh my these little things make my heart race

• my new favorite & organic teething necklace (and jewelry in its own right)

• and my all-time favorite nursing top

… and you can still enter the double felted acorns giveaway here (daily, until Saturday!)
What are you loving this week?

whale of a sneak peek

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I saw whales up close (in the wild) once, in the  St. Lawrence seaway waters north of Quebec City. We were on a little tiny boat, as eco-friendly and non -disruptive an operation as possible I remember, and we saw a huge blue whale. It approached the boat and came quite close, and it was massive. I remember being completely overwhelmed, but so calm at the same time. They are truly incredible animals.

Whales inspired our latest collaboration in the shop. We are so excited to be able to work, once again, with the (fabulous) woman woodworker Erin of Imagination Kids. Our new collaboration is a set of two 100% organic baby burp cloths paired with a handmade wooden whale push toy with wheels. Organic cotton sateen on the top, organic cotton flannel underneath.

Makes a very special baby present for a boy or girl, and a fabulous shower gift. It’s modern, simple, organic, handmade. And really beautiful.

We will soon have 3 sets available in Erin’s shop here. Hopefully we will be able to have more available soon.