Back. Just In Time for Spring.

Saturday, March 19, 2016 – Filed under: Uncategorized ::


Sometime last fall, as the first whispers of winter began, I knew I needed a big, long in-breath. A break from this space and from some other things too. It just happened so that’s what it became. A break. I’ve received some really sweet notes asking how things are, and I’m happy to say things are just fine. Sometimes parenting needs every square ounce of time and energy, and sometimes it’s healing to put down the camera and the keyboard and be as present as possible right then and there. And now it feels great to share this space a little bit again, probably less often than before. When I took a break from blogging, I took a break from much of the online world too. Balance is such a beautiful thing and though impossible to achieve, it’s refreshing to try to share ideas and musings and feel part of a bigger, broader community of friendly folks.



So here we are, with our very first almost-spring tulips blooming inside on our dining room table. With our amaryllis telling us the promise of spring will come true.



These days are filled with enjoying these very early days where winter and spring overlap, watching the first signs of new growth, a very busy schedule of classes and friends and other 9-year-old-related things…. and the fast-moving, often choppy waters of being nearly five. How have you been?


The shop keeps us busy too, with our ever-expanding line of picnic blankets and throw blankets. In between I still love felting giant rainbow mobiles (like the one in in the photo below) and dyeing playsilks and teaching handwork to my own 2 little ones so they too can make beautiful things for others.