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This Thanksgiving Weekend we put everything aside to make time to find peace outdoors, visit the farmers whose food we are so lucky to eat and usher in this start of cozy fall. There is so very much to be grateful for and the rituals around this holiday can help to ground us and our children. So we hiked up a mountain and saw the trees’ hints of orange and red down below. We fell into a silence as the cool wind but still-warm sun hit our faces.  Being out in the woods and leaves, far away from the sounds of cars, is a great way for us to come home to ourselves.  If we, as parents and teachers and friends, are not connected to ourselves, how can we possibly expect to connect with those we love? I’m so profoundly grateful to live in this beautiful and safe place where we have such space and freedom.








Today we made sourdough bread stuffing, sweet potato pie, maple cream pie and roast chicken and talked about the work of all the farmers we know who helped to make it possible. Eating local isn’t just about health and wellness, the building of community, support for sustainable agriculture and environmental protection… it’s also about education and respect.  When you know the person whose work puts food on your table, that food has such value and so does their labour. So do they.