Wednesday love

Wednesday, April 4, 2012 – Filed under: Uncategorized ::

• finding this ultimate list of eco conscious fashion designers (photo, above, by Belgium’s Honest By)

• grounding:: thinking a lot about raising a young woman to love her body and thinking about how I love my own body, and lovin’ butter (I need to do a whole post on it, but for now this)

this fantastic architectural wooden house toy

• automated sweetness: my little son, newly standing on his own (weight lifter stance!) and newly shaking his little musical instruments…. with both arms! he can’t shake the shaker without shaking the other hand… and my not-so-little-anymore daughter, taking it upon herself to feed her brother his rutabaga and grassfed beef, opening her mouth each time she gives him a bite… oh my these little things make my heart race

• my new favorite & organic teething necklace (and jewelry in its own right)

• and my all-time favorite nursing top

… and you can still enter the double felted acorns giveaway here (daily, until Saturday!)
What are you loving this week?