Back. Just In Time for Spring.

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Sometime last fall, as the first whispers of winter began, I knew I needed a big, long in-breath. A break from this space and from some other things too. It just happened so that’s what it became. A break. I’ve received some really sweet notes asking how things are, and I’m happy to say things are just fine. Sometimes parenting needs every square ounce of time and energy, and sometimes it’s healing to put down the camera and the keyboard and be as present as possible right then and there. And now it feels great to share this space a little bit again, probably less often than before. When I took a break from blogging, I took a break from much of the online world too. Balance is such a beautiful thing and though impossible to achieve, it’s refreshing to try to share ideas and musings and feel part of a bigger, broader community of friendly folks.



So here we are, with our very first almost-spring tulips blooming inside on our dining room table. With our amaryllis telling us the promise of spring will come true.



These days are filled with enjoying these very early days where winter and spring overlap, watching the first signs of new growth, a very busy schedule of classes and friends and other 9-year-old-related things…. and the fast-moving, often choppy waters of being nearly five. How have you been?


The shop keeps us busy too, with our ever-expanding line of picnic blankets and throw blankets. In between I still love felting giant rainbow mobiles (like the one in in the photo below) and dyeing playsilks and teaching handwork to my own 2 little ones so they too can make beautiful things for others.



Matching Ginghams

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Oh my goodness, matching gingham (and those toes)!  A customer from Vermont sent us these sweet photos when she bought her 2nd picnic blanket today.  Customer feedback is always amazing, but this kind of customer feedback is a real treat. It goes a long way to reaffirming why we do what we do, and why we ethically handcraft these pieces, one at a time.



Savoring Summer One Bag At a Time

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A little while ago I made a whole mini-collection of hand embroidered organic bags. Each one features pieces of hand sewn midcentury vintage fabrics, vintage lace, crocheted cotton and an embroidered wooden button. There are 7 flowers on each bag, to represent my hope for the world of my children and their children, 7 generations hence. The flowers are a pretty way to hold onto summer now as we head into a time of pumpkins and apple pie and putting gardens to bed for their winter slumber.




Family Tree Bib

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This is our Family Tree bib.


Hand embroidered, in a pretty tree-friendly (and baby friendly) way.


Sigh, gorgeous baby dude not included.


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We started making ethically handcrafted picnic blankets about 10 years ago. They are now part of families all over the world where they must be filled with happy feet and food and memories.

Each one comes with its own roll-up mechanism so they are perfectly portable.  And we found a great way to personalize them too – with a special date or name (or both).




Our eco-friendly, non-toxic, acrylic-coated cotton fabric is available for an extra wateproof option (in lieu of organic cotton denim). We have it in a bunch of different colors. We’re geared up. For picnic blanket-making season that is. And in between, we’re going to have lots of our own family alfresco dining adventures.  Somehow food always tastes better at a picnic, doesn’t it?


A special dress for a special day.

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Yesterday there was a little bit of SewnNatural in Times Square for Etsy’s bell ringing at the Nasdaq Exchange. One of Etsy’s Senior Vice Presidents, Heather Jassy, who is in charge of Members and Community, brought her little girl to the special event wearing our very own organic galaxy dress. An ethically handmade, sparkly star dress for a pretty special occasion.


We’ve sent these dresses off to little girls all around the world, and are really honored to see it included in Etsy’s special photos.


p.s. we also use this amazing fabric designed by the fabulous artist MariaO in our exclusive organic picnic blankets, throw blankets, baby blankets, pillows and organic nap mats – a whole mini collection of galaxy pieces.





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Maybe it’s all the longing for tropically hot temperatures (well, right now I’d settle for a consistent melting of the mountains of snow!) but pineapples are looking especially delicious these days.

So we decided to make a very large organic throw blanket filled with a pretty modern print of pineapples, backed with our standard cozy organic cotton flannel. The organic cotton knit on top is printed with water-based, non-toxic ink and the whole blanket is ethically handmade – by us. I think that helps to make it even sweeter.